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Posted on May 16, 2011

Suddenly one day I received a call from a long number that looked strange – I nearly didn’t answer it thinking it might be a call from Argentina, but something in me told me to answer it, so I did.
It was a woman who works for the program Espana Directo that is broadcasted every day on TVE(Spanish Television). I was excited and wondered why they were calling me? They wanted to film me for their program. ‘España Directo’ has a lot of viewers all over Spain and it has a theme each day with short clips of normal people giving advice on health, cooking and traditional village events etc.
They wanted to include a clip about me and my personal training studio, which I have at home in Barcelona as the theme was about ‘people who work from their homes’. I asked how they had found me? It was a hairdresser who also works from home that had recommended me. I told them that I was interested and they wanted to come and film the following day around midday. I was very excited and had to find 2 clients that wouldn’t mind being in the studio training whilst they were filming it.
The next day, the journalist and the cameraman arrived from TVE. They filmed the entrance, my reception room and my studio, asking me questions about why people come and train with’ Daniel Benites Personal Trainer’, and why I work from home. One of my clients was also interviewed. The whole thing took in total about 45-minutes.
I thought I would be nervous doing it but since I’ve studied sports journalism in the past in Argentina I actually found myself feeling quite calm and the interview went well. It was fun to do! The journalist told me that my clip would be shown on the same day or the following day, at the TV primetime of 6pm. In the end my clip was shown the following day and it was about 3-minutes long. I was happy with it.
The following days I had a lot of people telling me that they had seen me on Television and that I had come across very natural. I was surprised of how many people watch this program and it made me realise how powerful media is and what an impact it has. Thank you TVE.

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