Football for Children

Dany web 600 fútbol 200x300 Football for ChildrenFootball is a major sport, which most children love to play, and be a part of, as much as possible.

Daniel Benites offers his experience as a semi-professional football player and coach of a variety of different courses, to help children improve and overcome their fears, to put theory into practice on the pitch with their team mates.

With Daniel, the child can have fun learning more about the sport they love most.

I will help them to:

  • Improve various technical aspects (control, passing, shooting, etc.)strong>
  • Body Posture during defense or attack
  • Together we will find a place where we are able to develop all these technical activities during the session

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Contact Details

Daniel Benites Personal Trainer
Estudio Privado - Ronda Sant Antoni 45, 1-2, 08011 Barcelona
Tel: 647 29 5535

Daniel Benites Entrenador Personal